How do the Qualifiers work?

The Online Qualifiers consist of a Battle that will be released on our website. The Battle consists of tests aiming to point out the most complete and well-rounded Player. All individual and team Players need to perform their Qualifiers at a location of their choice and submit their video online.

What are the dates of the Qualifiers?

Qualifiers’ dates are to be announced.

How do I submit my video and my score?

Videos have to be uploaded to a video hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo under public privacy settings. The public link to that video is then submitted with your score at https://pieceofgame.com

Will you review my video?

All videos will be examined by One vs One Referees Committee, then the final results will be published.

How do I advance to the Finals?

At the end of the Qualifiers the 32 Top Individual Players from the Pro and Fitness category, the 16 Top individual Players from each Masters category, and the 32 Top Teams from each Team category will advance to the Finals. Click here to see all categories.

Am I allowed to repeat a Battle in the Qualifiers?

Players can complete and submit the qualifying Battle as many times as they wish until the deadline. Once the Battle deadline is over, a Player will not be able to adjust, submit or re-submit any score for the Battle!

I qualified for the Finals. Do I have to be present in the Welcome reception?

The Welcome reception takes place one day before the Finals start. Attendance at the Welcome reception is mandatory for all Players! If a Player does not check-in at the Welcome reception on time, he/she loses his/her place in the Finals.

How many days do the Finals last?

Finals last 4 days (Thursday to Sunday) for the Pro category, Fitness category, and Teams! Finals last 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) for Masters categories.

How does the Finals' Stage 1: Round Robin work?

In Stage 1: Round Robin, the 32 Top Individual Players from each Fitness category will be divided into 8 Groups of 4 athletes. Each of the 8 Top Players of the Qualifiers (Seeds) will head each of the Groups in each category. The remaining Players and Teams will be placed in the Groups after a draw. Players will Battle with each other in their Group and get points. The Best Group Player from each Group will advance to the Stage 2: Finals Draw.
If you want to see how Stage 1 works in all categories, read the Finals’ Rulebook here.

How does the Finals' Stage 2: Finals Draw work?

In Stage 2: Finals Draw, Players participate in single elimination Battles. The winner of each pair advances to the next round. The final winner of the single elimination Battles in each category will be the One vs One Champion.
If you want to see how Stage 2 works in all categories, read the Finals’ Rulebook here.

I registered but I changed my mind. Can I get my money back?

No. Registration fees are non-refundable for any reason. Registrations are non-transferable for any reason.

I want to know more about the event, what happens in case of a tie, etc. Where can I find the answers?

Great! We describe everything in detail in our Finals’ Rulebook here.

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